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" Good dog person is able to transform bad dog drawings and something bad dog person and an excellent dog destroyed. You never know in advance how it will end. Buy a puppy is like buying a ticket..."

Welcome to the website of our kennel.

CAITEEN from Minitz

jud: Mellin Charlotta - SE

RODOLPHA from Minitz - Exc.1 CAC

rich: MVDr.Ridarčíková Gabriela - SK

CAGGE from Minitz - Exc.1 CAC CACIB BOS

CAITEEN from Minitz - Exc.1 CAC CACIB BOB

JCh.CAITEEN from Minitz

judge GD: Matakovič Bojan - HR

AMBER Dolci Giganti - Exc.1 CAC


judge king: Kubeš Robert - CZ

My Exotic World BLAZE OF GLORY - Exc.1 CAC "GRAND Champion CZ"

CAITEEN from Minitz - Exc.1 CAC CAC-CMKU CACIB Cruft's kvalifikace

THERESSE od Dvou ořechů

judge GD: Krol Pietr - PL

AMBER Dolci Giganti - Exc.2

judge king: Ostrowski - PL

My Exotic World BLAZE OF GORY - Exc.1 CWC BM CACIB BOS "Champion International de Beauty"

THERESSE od Dvou ořechů - Exc.1 CWC BF CACIB BOB "Champion PL"


DIANNE LADY from Minitz

judge king: Ahrens Hana - A

PADDINGTON des Rosier's d'Amelie - VG1

DIANNE LADY from Minitz - Exc.1 CAJC

RAYMOND from Minitz - HD -B-, ED -0-

RODOLPHA from Minitz - HD -A-, ED -1/0-

THERESSE od Dvou ořechů - CIB


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